Nov 10

Who we are

Let’s start with this because it’s probably most important. Who we are is unimportant.
For what it’s worth, The Tuesday Lunch started in 2008 when a new work colleague moved to town. He wanted to know where to eat and what was good. So we started a lunch tour, one week at a time. Previous commentary existed at a different place but it’s gone now. So we’ve started anew.

This is not a group of food snobs or food critics (not in the traditional sense, anyway) . You won’t find five-star guarantees or avoid-at-all-costs warnings. Television shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives, Top Chef and Man vs. Food are watched by this crew for the pure entertainment value for which they exist.

We like to eat. We’ll tell you about where we eat and what we thought about it. We all travel to random places around the country for work so you might see the occasional out-of-town joint show up if it’s worth mentioning.

We’re also not just specific to food. Stay tuned for things to come.