Nice review of the newly opened Pie Five in Omaha and great start to a new Pizza review site from my friend Dylan at This American Slice.

We were greeted with extremely friendly staff and shown the long line of eager, first-time customers which nearly reached out the door. The first thing we noticed while eyeballing the prep line was that none of their dough appeared to have been frozen. There was an employee flattening balls of dough which were being pulled from a plastic container, then passing them directly to the sauce and veggie prep stations. I curiously pulled their website up and found this:

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Always searching for a new place to eat, a little birdie whispered in my ear about a new place coming to Kansas City in early 2013. Red Door Grill, in Leawood, will be featuring a wood-fired grill, drinks and appetizers. I’ve had the chance to a get a little inside-peak at whats to come, and you won’t be disappointed. Do yourself a favor and get signed up for their email list, and like them on Facebook.

To preface, here is what we consider to be a factual statement: It’s pretty damn hard to screw up pizza. (Aside: That being said, Z Pizza tries pretty damn hard.)

A recent Tuesday Lunch outing took us to Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Over Pizzeria at the Legends at Sparks Marina. Word of mouth had been fairly decent about Grimaldi’s, a franchise with locations in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Texas, New York and New Jersey. The franchise is based off of the original New York City locations.

The group decided to go across the pizza menu, ordering three pies: a basic pizza with pepperoni, a pesto pizza and a white garlic pie with chicken. Despite a light lunch crowd that day, it took a while for the pizza to get there, but we’re willing to chalk that up to however long it takes to cook a pizza in a coal brick oven.

The general consensus of the group can be summed up in two words: largely unimpressed. But, in keeping true to the opening statement, six of us took down three large pies.

The pepperoni was OK. Just OK. Nothing special and perhaps a little undercooked.

The white garlic had potential but it was unrealized. You know how some things ‘taste like chicken?’ Well, that’s what was on top. It tasted something like chicken but still not sure that it was chicken.

The pesto was the winner of the three pies. Nothing spectacular – just a good, solid pizza.

Maybe it was just a so-so day for the crew at Grimaldi’s. Maybe the folks who had reported good things about this place are idiots. But Grimaldi’s, especially for the price (about $60 for three pies), wasn’t special, even if it’s loved by celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Rudy Giuliani, as the menu ridiculously boasts. You can do better (for cheaper) in Reno, that’s for sure.

Grimaldi’s doesn’t crack our Reno Top 5 Pizza Joints, a list that is up for debate, even within the Tuesday Lunch crew. In some semblance of order:
1. J.J.’s Pie Company
2. Pub-n-Sub
3-4-5. Blue Moon, Black Rock, Blind Onion, amongst others.

Let’s start with this because it’s probably most important. Who we are is unimportant.
For what it’s worth, The Tuesday Lunch started in 2008 when a new work colleague moved to town. He wanted to know where to eat and what was good. So we started a lunch tour, one week at a time. Previous commentary existed at a different place but it’s gone now. So we’ve started anew.

This is not a group of food snobs or food critics (not in the traditional sense, anyway) . You won’t find five-star guarantees or avoid-at-all-costs warnings. Television shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives, Top Chef and Man vs. Food are watched by this crew for the pure entertainment value for which they exist.

We like to eat. We’ll tell you about where we eat and what we thought about it. We all travel to random places around the country for work so you might see the occasional out-of-town joint show up if it’s worth mentioning.

We’re also not just specific to food. Stay tuned for things to come.